Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I need an HVAC Load Calculation?

A load calculation takes the guesswork out of accurately sizing HVAC equipment in a building structure. Also, many local building codes require an ACCA approved load calculation to ensure appropriate system size.

Why is properly sizing HVAC equipment so important?

There are many long answers to this question but to summarize- Properly sizing equipment can save you money on the front end, by not paying for additional tonnage you may not need, and on the back-end by significantly reducing the possibility of additional costs due to comfort issues down the road. Doing things right the first time is our mantra.

My local building code requires a HVAC load calculation. Will this satisfy the requirement?

Yes, only ACCA (Air Conditioning Contractors of America) approved load calculations are universally accepted by International Energy Code regulations and local building code requirements.

My project is across the country. Can you still perform my load calculation?

Absolutely. We can perform a load calculation for a project almost anywhere in the world. Our software has climate data for almost everywhere on the planet.

How do you feel about oversizing systems a bit?

Oversizing a system will add additional equipment expense, higher electricity consumption, equipment short cycling and possible humidity issues. We do not believe in oversizing, we believe it’s possible to install the right size every time.

How is a load calculation performed?

We build your home or building into our ACCA approved software program piece by piece. All climate zone information, orientation, building materials, insulation values, window types, room sizes, internal loads, external shade, etc., all the way down to the color of the exterior walls are accounted for in the data entry process. Once the data entry is complete, the software will indicate the required cooling and heating BTU/Tonnage to properly condition the building.

Will a standard Manual J indicate desired air-flow to each room or area?

Yes, all rooms will indicate desired cubic feet per minute (CFM) of air required.

I need my report sooner than your advertised five day turnaround. Is it possible to get it sooner?

Yes, but it will really depend on how large the project is and how busy we are at the time of the request. A rush charge may be required. Please contact us to inquire.